Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

By: Viren Baharani

Book Cover

Main Characters

Percy.jpgPercy- is a twelve year old boy who goes to the Yancy Academy School. His best friend is Grover. Percy lives with his mother, Sally Jackson and his step father, Gabe Ugliano. He does not know who his real father is. At first Percy thinks that he is a nobody, but later finds out that he is actually the son of Poseidon. He is offered a quest to retrieve Zeus´s master bolt from the Underworld and decides to take Annabeth and Grover with him. At the end, Percy retrieves the bolt and prevents war.

Grover.jpgGrover- He protects Percy from monsters and is his best friend at the same time. Grover is half man and half goat and wishes to get a searcher’s license to search for Pan. He helps Percy on his quest to the Underworld to retrieve the stolen master bolt.

annabeth.jpgAnnabeth- Daughter of Athena, God of Wisdom. She is a champion in fighting and also helps Percy on his quest to the Underworld. Annabeth has curly, blond hair, gray eyes, and a deep tan. Annabeth came to camp when she was seven, since she was disliked by her father.


There are various settings in this book. The main setting is in New York City where Percy's house and the Half-Blood Camp is located. Another main setting is in Los Angeles where Percy fights many monsters and where the entrance of the Underworld is located. In Percy´s house, Percy lives with his mother, Sally Jackson, and his stepfather Gabe Ugliano. Later, Percy´s mother realizes that Percy should go to the Half-Blood Camp since it is very dangerous for Percy to live in the outside world. In the camp, he does lots of training and is protected from monsters at all times. When Percy, Annabeth, and Grover reach Los Angeles they fight many monsters and finally find the entrance to the Underworld. Overthere they reach Hades´s palace where they find out that Hades was not the thief.


Percy Jackson goes to the Half-Blood Camp where he finds out that he is actually the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. When everyone in camp finds out who Percy really is, he is offered a quest to retrieve Zeus’s stolen master bolt from the Underworld. It is asked to be returned to Zeus before the Summer Solstice. On his journey, Percy fights and defeats several monsters with the help of Grover and Annabeth. When he reaches the Underworld, he finds out that Ares and Luke were the real thieves and not Hades. Finally, he returns the bolt to Zeus and his mother is rescued!


Percy lives with his mother, Sally Jackson and his stepfather, Gabe Ugliano in New York City. Percy has dyslexia and is very frustrated about this. Worst of all, Percy does not know who his real father is. Sally Jackson decides that it is time for Percy to go to the Half-Blood Camp, a camp just for demigods like him. On the way, Sally Jackson is unfortunately crushed into a shower of gold by the Minotaur and is now in the Underworld with Hades. At the camp Percy discovers that he is actually the son of Poseidon when he gets injured and magically gets healed with water. In the camp, demigods are protected at all times and train all day long. Overhere, Percy makes many friends such as Annabeth and Luke. One day, he is offered a quest to retrieve Zeus´s stolen master bolt from the Underworld from Hades. Worst of all, everyone falsely accuses Percy for stealing the lightning bolt. He takes Annabeth and Grover on the quest to help him. On the quest, Percy faces many monsters including Medusa herself. Hades tells the three kids that even his helm of darkness is missing. Mysteriously, the lightning bolt ends up in Percy´s bag. Hades immediately takes it away from them. They find out that Hades did not steal the bolt. It was in fact, Ares, the war god, and Luke. Percy returns the bolt to Zeus and manages to prevent war and clears his name. Percy´s mother is rescued too! At the end of the book, Percy decides to go back to the camp only during the summer and happily stays home with his mother.

Time line

* Percy lives with Gabe Ugliano and his mother, Sally Jackson. 

* Sally decides that Percy should go to the Half-Blood Camp, for demigods just like him.

* On their journey to the camp, Sally Jackson is crushed into a shower of gold and is in

the Underworld now with Hades.

* Percy is offered a quest to retrieve Zeus­`s stolen master bolt and even decides to take

Grover and Annabeth with him.

* The three demigods travel to many places and defeat several monsters.

* They reach the Underworld and find out that Hades is not the thief.

* Ares and Luke are the real thieves and attempt to kill Percy, but fail.

* Percy returns the master bolt to Zeus and then saves his mom!

Connections to the Text

To the class

In the Yancy Academy School, everyone makes fun of Percy because of his dyslexia. Percy feels extremely angry and upset because of this. Unfortunately, this takes place a lot in classrooms in all schools. One should not make fun of anybody, because this can really make them feel unwanted, and that feeling is horrible! Everyone should respect their peers.

To me

Percy and Annabeth just love going on different quests and adventures. Just like both of them, adventure fascinates me, and someday I would love to go on a quest too. Who knows, maybe the day will come soon.

To the community

Percy is very helpful to the community and its people. In fact, he cares more about other people than about himself. For example, when Echidna , a monster, attacks Percy, he is more concerned about the people near the monster than getting killed himself. I love my community too. I believe in helping others in the community, especially those who are old and in need. I do a lot of community service and I think this should be encouraged among us all.

To my Family

At first, Percy does not know who his real father is. His mother, Sally Jackson, is married to Gabe Ugliano who is always drunk and plays poker the whole time with his friends. Gabe just hates Percy! However, he later finds out that his mom had only married Gabe because his strong human scent protected Percy from the monsters. Just like Percy´s mother is always protecting him, my family is always protecting me too. They always want the best for me and guide me the right way. They are willing to sacrifice anything for me, and I know I can really count on them. I'm really grateful for such a caring family.

To the World

Percy has a medical problem called ADHD and is very frustrated that he has this problem. Life is very hard for him. Today more and more people are diagnosed with ADHD. Scientists are trying to find out what is the cause of this medical problem and how to treat and cure it.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept me entertained from the beginning all the way to the end of the book. It was full of adventure and suspense. I just love these types of books! The book was full of twists. I never suspected Ares, or in fact Luke, to be the lightning bolt thief. The Percy Jackson Series is now one of my favorite series. Another thing I loved about this book was that at the same time you are learning about all the Greek creatures and gods. If I had to rate this book, I would give it a five out of five stars. People who like action and adventure should really take the time to read this awesome book. I wonder how the next book of this series will be!!

About the Author


Rick Riordan was born on the fifth of June, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He has written several books. Some of which include:

* The Red Pyramid

* The Percy Jackson Series

* The Maze of Bones (39 Clues)

* The Lost Hero

* Tres Navarre Series

Here is an interview with Rick Riordan. Click to watch it.

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